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Escape Room Reviews

Trapped Puzzle Rooms - A Very Potter Escape Room - St. Paul, MN - 2019


All I can say is... wow.

That's it! That's the review. Thanks for reading.

I'm only joking. How on earth could I NOT absolutely rave about  this AWESOME escape room! 

This magical escape room is every Harry Potter nerd's dream. If you're a fan of J.K. Rowling's wizardly works, then you MUST, and I mean MUST, experience this in your life. I truly felt like a Hogwarts wizard for an hour. 

The room is small yet incredibly detailed, filled with memorabilia and magical artifacts that bring nostalgia and utter excitement to the player. The challenges were engaging, and difficult in a fun way - we did need to ask for a couple of hints but this in no way deflated the enthusiasm we had for the game. We escaped with just 2 players.

At the risk of giving too much away, I will simply say that this immersive experience was so genuine that I truly forgot I was living in the muggle world until I left the room. This escape room is safe for families of all ages, and will be  particularly remarkable to those of us who have held the books close to or hearts over time.

Do not miss this escape room. In fact, if I were you, I would find any excuse I could to get to Minnesota as quickly as possible so you do not continue on in your life without this important missing piece!

This and Locurio have been my definite favorites of rooms Ii have completed so far! 5 stars!

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Trapped Puzzle Rooms -Diagonal Alley - Minneapolis, MN - 2019


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Locurio Escape - Storybook Room - Seattle, WA - 2018


As far as escape rooms go, this will always be #1 in my heart.

The Locurio Escape Room experience was like NOTHING I had ever done before. I was invited by a friend to do this escape room for my first time. I had always wanted to try one, but I had never researched escape rooms. I didn't know what to expect. We were booked for the The Storykeeper room. My mind raced with curiosity.

Our ride dropped us off on the side of the street at a shopping plaza. I followed my friend's lead and his map took us to a very dark, very sketchy alley way. "This is where they show up in masks and tell us to get in the van," my friend joked. I'm not a fan of being scared whatsoever, and I instantly grew more nervous. 

We entered an isolated gate, following the path up the stairs of what seemed like a worn and ragged apartment building. It was dead silent, just the two of us, and my heart was pounding. We opened a creaky door and entered a small, dingy room. A fellow with long hair sitting behind a computer desk jumped up and greeted us. He showed us a place to put our things and gave us a run-down of rules, procedures, and such. I smiled sheepishly at him, shaking in my boots. I'm not great with anticipation.

After he made everything clear, while still being quite vague, he lead us back down the stairs outside, and straight to the door of the escape room. We were left standing there, alone, to begin.

I took a deep breath, we opened the door, and then I gasped. It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful, guys. The entire experience was so immersive, so creative, so captivating...I had never expected such a magnificent and exciting game. For me, this was a new kind of adrenaline rush. The puzzles were so brilliant, the rooms were so detailed, the energy was so good. For someone like me who deeply appreciates performance art as well as critical thinking, this was truly special. 

The Storykeeper room is a vibrant experience that will bring you closer to your teammates and allow you to connect on intellectual and innovative levels while also giving you the immersive feeling of being in a fantastic faraway land, truly like a story. The middle room was my favorite; an absolutely enthralling example of genius, in my opinion. Brace yourself to be slightly startled a couple of times, but nothing too intense to handle. (A.K.A. if you are easily scared or jumpy this room is 95% safe for you). If you do this room, be sure to truly appreciate the time and art around you. The beauty is in the details.

Between the two of us, we escaped with about 7 minutes to spare, and let me tell you, the feeling was glorious. I've never experienced an adrenaline rush like that one! Perhaps it's the anxiety of running against a clock, or the triumphant waves that hit you when you figure out a clue and unlock another achievement. I'll tell you one thing... 

I am hooked.

I give Locurio Seattle a 10 out of 5. Next time you're on Washington, you must try out The Storykeeper room. It will be an experience like you have never had before, I garuntee! Thank you Locurio!

Red Door Escape Room - Prison Break - Southlake, TX - 2018


Once I had experienced my first escape room, I became a huge junkie. I was very eager to take my family and put them to the test. I thought going to an escape room would give us all a chance to bond (or bicker) over something new, different, and involved.

My friend had told me that I was spoiled with the Locurio experience. Apparently that's one of the best ones out there. For this particular time, I did my research online and carefully narrowed down my choices. Then, I called Red Door Escape room and asked which exciting and decently challenging rooms did they recommend for a family of six. The girl I spoke with encouraged us to do Prison Break. She said it was one of their most popular rooms. I took her word for it and reserved the time.

We arrived and the building was nice and neat. It's an indoor plaza of some sort. When we entered the shiny and clean establishment we signed our waivers and locked up our belongings. We were taken by a young man to a small room to be briefed, and then we were off.

Honestly, I was not impressed with this room in the least. I understand that it was modeled after a war prison and I guess it gave off that vibe, but I found the whole experience to be complicated and dreary. Almost every clue was a combination lock of some sort and it just did not ooze creativity one bit. If boring locks are your thing then this is the room for you, but I prefer more critical thinking, innovative type of challenges myself. 

Other than being absolutely dreary, another reason I may not have been a fan of the room is that I am NOT a bug person. In fact, I have a rather severe phobia of them. It's not a huge factor in the game....I'm just saying you dont want to be the one standing in the wrong place at the wrong time, that's all. We were one clue away from finishing, but we did not, so it was at least slightly challenging, I suppose.

Overall, it just didn't seem like they put much creative effort into building the game. The challanges, the was all underwhelming. I would definitely try this venue out again, but definitely with a more immersive escape room experience.

On to the next!

Escape Reality - Alice in Wonderland -Las Vegas, NV - 2019


When you hear the words "escape room in Las Vegas", a million wild ideas might rush through your mind. It is Sin City, after all. 

I went out to Vegas for a quick weekend trip, and my favorite escape room partner suggested we check one out. Apparently, the number one escape room in the world right now is The Official SAW Escape Room, based in Las Vegas. I turned down that option as fast a could. I'm sure it's immersive, engaging, and exhilarating....which exactly why I stayed away from it. I am NOT a horror fan, and cannot imagine anything worse than intentionally locking myself in a room filled with graphic horrors that I have to escape from. 

No. Freaking. Way.

"Can we do something happier?" I asked, and I got my wish. 

My friend surprised me with the Alice in Wonderland themed room at Escape Reality, and it was great!!

The building is clean and quiet, giving no indication of what you will come across in your room. The staff running the front desk were very sweet girls! We talked with them fora few minutes before one of them gave us a cute little monologue overviewing the rules of the game, etc. After that, we entered.

It's always a very interesting experience when you do the escape room with others. Obviously they are meant for teams, so that people can work together. What I love about escape rooms is that not only do you understand yourself a bit better through each clue, but it is quite fascinating to see how the minds of others work as you riddle through clues and challenges. My favorite part is how each person brings their own set of skills to the table, their own thought process, and how we all morph together into one badass, room-escaping team. 

The Alice in Wonderland room was super fun! The challenges were difficult in an exciting way, and each room was very different than the last. To me, it seemed like just the right amount of "difficulty", challenging enough to really make you think but not near impossible when you put your heads together. 

All in all, this was a success and I recommend this room next time you're in Las Vegas.