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Dispensary Reviews


MedMen, Las Vegas


As usual my first stop from the airport in a legal state is to a dispensary, and I must say, I was not disappointed!

When I walked up I noticed how much it stood out from other dispensaries I had previously visited because of its open storefront. While other places had a sealed off, high security secret club feel; MedMen gave the vibe of a cool, hip store... something like a mash-up of Apple meets Ulta, or another modern and exciting retail establishment (I don't shop much). The place was pretty busy, but I was told I came at a good time. 

My I.D. was checked outside, and when I entered I was immediately greeted by my budtender @billy_boy702 . He was warm, friendly, and knowledgable on his products. I gave a specific description of what I was looking for and my tolerance type, and he lead me throughout the store presenting different options that would fit my preferences. I was very impressed by the display; it was clean and simple, very easy on the eyes for people who don't enjoy being overwhelmed with options, such as myself. Billy knew a lot about each item and was able to guide me towards what would work best for me.

We chose my products and I waited a few minutes while they prepared everything I ordered. The girls at checkout were very sweet  and I left feeling pleased with my experience. It did seem a little on the pricey side but the products I got were definitely worth it, as was the service! I also noted that the sealed bag they packaged my products in to-go was easy to open after without need of scissors or a knife like most, which was the cherry on top.

Thank you so much @billy_boy702 and @medmen_lv for the excellent experience! I definitely recommend!


Dispensary Reviews

OC3 Collective, Santa Ana


So this has definitely been my favorite experience at a dispensary thus far.

OC3 Collective in Santa Ana, California was so awesome. From the moment I walked in, @tiffwys & @nomorekissyfacekris in the reception area were sooo sweet and warm, I felt instantly welcomed! They invited me back the next day as well as gave me some discount coupons. I was already so comfortable thanks to them.

When I walked in I really liked the layout. It’s cozy and small, so you’re not overwhelmed with products and glass counter space. Perfect size for someone like me who hates to shop. There were very few people in the pharmacy area so it allowed me to feel comfortable taking my time and not feel so overcrowded and rushed. @sorayamvd immediately came to my aid, listening intently to my descriptions of what I was looking for and what kind of tolerance I had. She was so efficient, totally pointing me in the right direction and giving me thorough advice from her experience with each product. There’s nothing worse than going to a dispensary where the bud tender has no idea about the products and can’t help. @sorayamvd was sooo the opposite, super attentive and knowledgeable! Thank you love!

Overall I had such a great experience at this place, even the security guard was very kind and took my picture outside. I’m grateful for this spot, and it will always be my go-to when I’m in the area.


Belmar Bellevue Marijuana, Belmar


Belmar Bellevue Marijuana in 

Belmar, Washington really hooked me up with great service, great products, and lots of knowledge! I love learning something new every time I visit a dispensary, and I especially love when the budtenders are kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. 

After this trip to the pharmacy where I was recommended RSO for my high tolerance and disinterested in having to eat a large amount of edibles, I actually felt truly medicated for the first time since I was 19. Thank goodness they recommended the oil! I'm not sure on how healthy it is for you just yet, but it definitely did the trick. 

 This was a very successful dispensary trip! Thank you Bellevue!