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How Get Lit Get Fit Was Born

My name is Makenna. I'm a medical cannabis advocate, and the founder of Get Lit Get Fit.

Having always had a passion for people and spreading light, my leadership roles growing up lead me into the medical field, where I performed autonomic nervous system tests on patients going through weight loss surgery, spinal pain management, physical therapy, and the like. The reoccurring results of these tests opened my eyes to the importance of mental and physical health, which I began to study even more closely.

Unfortunately, around this time I escaped a dangerous situation which caused me to suffer from severe PTSD induced anorexia. I spent a while truly fighting for my life, and the only constants that kept me well were my use of medical cannabis and my thirst for knowledge of nutrition and health of the human body.

Living in a state that has not yet medically decriminalized, I was constantly criticized for my use of medical cannabis for survival. It truly was the only thing that calmed me enough to allow me to eat, sleep, or drink water; I had become such a shell of a human being. Because of medical cannabis, I was able to slowly gain back my strength and health. I am very, very grateful.

Feeling so alone in my use for cannabis as a tool for wellness became quite overwhelming, and I often went online to document my journey with this lifestyle. Quickly, thousands upon thousands of other people reached out saying that they were able to relate. This delighted me! I was shocked to see how many others relied on cannabis to aid their health and help them live a better life.

Thus, I created Get Lit Get Fit; a community that promotes natural health and cannabis awareness. Through this organization I have been able to produce community-friendly events for peers to spend time together outside doing fun and exciting activities and bonding over their passion for natural wellness, as well as raise money for medical patients in need of cannabis treatment.

If you want to be a part of our community, be sure to subscribe down below and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Please join us for the next Get Lit Get Fit Get Together; more info under the "Get Together" tab on top of the page!

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