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What is get lit get fit?


Get Lit

"Lit" is a word often used to describe something that is exciting, fun, or totally awesome. Don't you think we should feel that way about life in general? In our community, getting Lit is getting totally hyped about life, embracing the positive energy in every moment of every day! We should always be celebrating our health and lives!


Get Fit

"Fit" is not just about lifting weights or going to the gym. In our community, fitness = wellness. Wellness means providing your body with the natural fuel it needs to function at its best, and participating in movement activity that makes YOU feel good and happy, whatever that may be! The possibilities are endless.


Get Together

Get Lit Get Fit is a community that promotes natural wellness and cannabis awareness. It was born through the need for patients to be able to connect with other peers who share the same ideas about health, and offer opportunities for everyone to get together and have a blast teaming up for sports, games, and other exciting activities. Check out our "Get Together" page at the top for information on our next upcoming event!